Fire Prevention

The Ellicott Creek Volunteer Fire Prevention Team.

The Ellicott Creek Fire Company Fire Prevention Team was founded in 2012 with the mission of increasing fire prevention awareness to the public.  The team travels to local schools, day care centers, supermarkets, block parties, and anywhere else requested to give a fire prevention presentation.  This team also provides fire hall tours to groups and/or individuals on a regular basis, and creates the environment for our annual Open House in October.  The Team is available anytime (day or night) to provide a Fire Safety presentation geared towards any audience (the presentation will be different for 3 year olds verses 15 year olds).  For more information,  schedule a fire hall tour, or have the Fire Prevention team at your event with a fire truck, please call 716.691.7439  ext 1107, or email the Fire Prevention Team coordinator at 

FF Doherty demonstrates how fire fighter gear is put on for our students @ WillowRidge elementary school.

FF Cooke demonstrated the "2-Minute Drill" for students at St. Christopher's School

Firefighter Zachary Buresch demonstrates the "Stop, Drop, and Roll" to our friends at Shining Stars.,





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