Emergency Medical Service

RESCUE 5-1 working out of Fire Station No. 1


RESCUE 7-1 Second unit working out of Fire Station No. 1


RESCUE 7-1 working out of Fire Station No. 2 


EMS, or Emergency Medical Services, is an integral part of firefighting.  In addition to responding to fires, vehicle accidents, and water rescue calls, we also respond to EMS calls, more commonly known as First Aid calls.  Ellicott Creek averages 450 EMS calls per year, ranging from a fall down stairs, to chest pain, to child birth.  Our firefighters are trained to the First Aid level at a minimum, but many members hold certification as Emergency Medical Technicians or Paramedics.  We have two primary vehicles that respond to EMS calls that are equipped with a full compliment of First Aid supplies, and all trucks in the fleet are equipped with AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators). 

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